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Progressive Properties provide a wide range of services such as:


  1. Preparation of service charge & MUD Act 2011 sinking fund budgets.
  2. Apportion, invoice & collect member’s service charges.
  3. Organise the regular cleaning and maintenance of the common areas and grounds.
  4. Organise & monitor your waste refuse disposal.
  5. Pay all the company’s expenses.
  6. Maintain all client book-keeping and banking records
  7. Management company financial reports are issued for all management meetings.
  8. Plan, organise and issue notice of all company meetings and issue minutes of same.
  9. Company registration returns are submitted by us to the CRO.
  10. Draft financial accounts for your company are prepared by us and submitted for audit.
  11. Manage all client insurance matters.
  12. Attend to all correspondence on the ordinary day to day business of the company.
  13. Make maintenance inspection and supervisory visits to the property regularly.
  14. Advise on any safety issues and improvements that may need to be carried out on the property.
  15. Deal with the Inspector of Taxes for the Collector General.
  16. Welcome new owners and supply them with relevant information.
  17. Provide a 24 hour Emergency Response Service.